When you’re a landlord it’s important to understand just what tenants want, especially when there are so many renters struggling to find a property that properly meets their wants and needs. Here at Kings Lettings we will cover the top features tenants want from their rental, discover what landlords should be prioritising when purchasing a buy-to-let, as well as exploring what landlords can do to boost tenant interest.


Location is a huge priority for renters, especially for those with children looking to be close to particular school catchment areas. Most will want to be within walking distance to local amenities, shops, GP surgerys, pharmacies and transport links.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a buy-to-let property then your location will play a big deciding factor in the types of tenants you will appeal to.

If you already own a rental property, of course we understand you cannot pick it up and change it’s location, however, we would recommend including all nearby amenities, transport links and schools in your property advert.


Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and most renters are now looking for extra reassurance that you’re keeping their family secure.

Ensuring your property has a working security system with a fitted alarm, front door peephole and sturdy locks is crucial. However, making your tenants feel even safer by installing CCTV is now recommended.

You must ensure all your safety certificates are in place, moreso offering an annual inspection to ensure the property is in safe and secure order will provide tenants with more confidence. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns they may have.


Whether it’s a garden, patio or balcony, renters really enjoy having their own outdoor space. Since the Covid-19 pandemic the demand for this has risen considerably, with many considering it a must for their move.

If your property has a garden, updating and improving the look and functionality of this space is sure to attract more prospective tenants as it shows you care about their needs, and that you are willing to make changes. Landscaping your garden can increase the value of your property too!

If a garden isn’t feasible when searching for a buy-to-let property consider how accessible it is to large open spaces or local parks.


Open floor plans are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and renters alike. Many properties now boast open-plan kitchen dining areas for quality family time, making the smallest of spaces feel a lot bigger.  Open-plan space gives tenants flexibility to work the space as they choose, and work well for HMO properties that require communal areas too.

If open-plan space isn’t an option, and you offer a furnished property, you need to avoid large pieces of blocking furniture that take up a lot of room and disturb the flow of the room.


Storage space is particularly important for those looking to rent long-term as it means renters don’t need to stress about finding alternative storage solutions or worry about living in a cluttered space.

Maximising efficient storage space is a must. This could be clearing out a shed, placing a cupboard in unused space, incorporating built in wardrobes, or allowing safe access to the loft or attic.


Properties that come equipped with appliances such as the fridge and washing machine are extremely popular as it removes the hassle and cost of buying products they may not need in the future. As appliances are used everyday by tenants it’s important you ensure they are of high quality. The last thing you need is tenants needing costly repairs, so be sure you purchase items that will last.

You will want to consider the energy rating too, so that tenants can expect lower bills.


While there are a lot of renters out there searching for their next home, they can still afford to be choosy. Tenants want their homes to be in a decent state of repair, and rightly so.

For buy-to-let landlords considering what type of property to buy, a newer building is likely to attract more tenant interest. While period features look great on older homes, keeping up with the maintenance demands can be extremely time consuming.

It’s crucial landlords update doors, windows, floors and kitchen fittings as regularly as needed. Small changes like painting a wall, replacing taps and door handles can too make a huge difference.

We expect installation, heating and boiler functions to play a big role in renters wants and needs in 2022 so we would suggest looking into your current system to see if there’s any way you could increase the efficiency of your property.

If your property has great transport links ensure they take pride and place on your property advert. Nearby buses, tubes, trams and access to main commuting roads are a giant plus, especially in busy commuter towns.

If you’ve got a designated parking space then we are sure renters will be snapping off your hand for your property.


Natural lighting is an incredible mood booster. Large windows pouring in loads of light can instantly make a property feel more open, inviting and spacious, making it more desirable to tenants.

When advertising or showing potential tenants around your property be sure to make your space look and feel as bright and airy as possible. Open blinds, turn on lamps, maybe even light a few candles to make it feel warm and homely too.

Tenants need to imagine themselves living there so setting up drink arrangements or workstations can be beneficial in creating a vision.


As remote working continues to rise many renters are looking for more than just a house but an at-home workspace.

Even if you don’t have a designated room, home offices can be blended into kitchens, living spaces or open plan areas. It’s a good idea to discover your potential renters needs before showing them your property, this way you can highlight areas you think would make an effective work station.

Many landlords are now considering adding cabins or large outbuildings to increase the value of their property. These are of great appeal to those working from home or with keen hobbies.


Pet-owners are renowned for struggling to find rental accommodation to suit their needs, especially those looking for a long-term home. As 1 in 10 rental homes are advertised as pet friendly, offering this as an option is sure to give you competitive advantage.

Plus, the Dogs and Domestic Animals Accomodation Protection Bill aims to make it much easier for tenants in England to keep pets in their rented home. This means most landlords will have to accept pets for rents who hold this certification of responsible ownership, unless, of course, the property is exempt.

If you’re looking for further advice related to renting or letting your property then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’re a first time landlord, taking on a new property, or simply looking to encourage tenant interest, we’re always happy to share our expertise here at Kings Lettings.

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