Privacy Policy

Notice under the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”)

‘Kings’ takes its Clients’/customers’ privacy seriously and our Staff will only use secure personal information for administering tenancies, accounting, and matters pertaining directly thereto, and always within the contractual commitments we have made with you and your related instructions to us.

‘Kings’ does NOT share (nor sell, give, or otherwise distribute) personal data with/to any unrelated business, individual, agency or organisation.  ‘Kings’/Staff neither uses nor stores personal data with any intent to profit/gain from it (by, or in itself).  Data is simply used as a necessary element of facilitating the conduct of its core business with its Clients/customers.  ‘Kings’ expects its subcontractors, contractees and general Service providers to respect the GDPR and never compromise ‘Kings’/Staff or those whose data may have been reasonably shared in the normal course of business conducted upon behalf of ‘Kings’ Clients/customers.  If personal data details are required for use in legal proceedings the party would be involved in such proceedings at such a time.

These are examples (but may not be an exhaustive list) of data typically required by Kings, from time to time;
Personal documents:  ID, address/ownership proof, including copy leases and/or any related documented terms (including third party, if any, permissions to let) under which you, our Client, lawfully hold title to the subject property.  Personal data:  Contact [current and future] Names/Addresses (including email/messaging platforms), NI Number, Tenancy documentation.  Property data:  Photo/video images, Measurements, Contents lists, Keys, Entry/Alarm codes, Instruction Manuals, Service Providers (Gardeners/Plumbers/etc), Valuations.

There will be formal occasions when some data may be necessarily shared with; Tenancy-related parties, Utility Companies, Inventory/Maintenance/Repair Operatives, Insurers, Accountants, Licensed Debt Collectors, HMRC, Ombudsman/Lawyers/Court, Security/Authority (Government and NGO) Agencies.

Subject to some constraints under Law (e.g. the ‘Limitation Act 1980’, the ‘Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005’, etc) data need not be retained by ‘Kings’/its Staff and, under written Notice from the party whose data is retained, such data may be removed/destroyed from ‘Kings’ records.

All third parties to ‘Kings’ are instructed to destroy personal data as may have been reasonably conveyed by Kings in the course of business, when its immediate need is ended.

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