Kings' four 'top tips' when choosing your next tenant:

published on 03/08/2016  

Whether you are a Landlord of a single property, or  large residential portfolio; The type of tenant/s that you 'let' your property to is of fundamental importance to ensuring that you see the best possible return on your investment. In this way, we have put together a few 'tips' to ensure that you minimise the risks associated when deciding upon your next tenants.



If you wish, try to meet with your potential tenants where possible. This may seem obvious, but experienced Landlords will be able to glean an additional perspective on their potential tenants (some Landlords do not wish to any direct contact with their prospective/current tenants, in which case it is vital that you have chosen the right agent, who will be able to guide and advise based on their own experience- Something which Kings Lettings prides itself on...)


-The affordability 'stress test'...

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