How to Boost Kerb Appeal

By published on 10/05/2022  

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property’s exterior and can be vital in securing a tenant. First impressions count, and basic signs of property neglect like cracked windows, missing roof tiles and an unkempt front garden can put a prospective tenant off trusting you as their landlord.Kings Lettings wants to show you how easy adding curb appeal can be by compiling a list of some Tags: Letting Your Home, Letting Your House, Letting Your Property, Property Management,

What is Client Money Protection (CMP)?

By published on 10/05/2022  

Client Money Protection has been a legal requirement for lettings agencies since 2019. Previously, it had merely been a recommendation.Here at Kings Lettings, we have created an article that explains what Client Money Protection is, how it protects the assets of landlords and tenants, and how you can ensure your money is fully protected.What is Client Money Protection?Lettings Agents in England wh Tags: Landlords, Client Money Protection, Property Management, Property Management Company,

Landlords Guide: How to Decorate Your Home to Rent

By published on 12/04/2022  

A home that looks attractive and accommodates prospective tenants leads to greater interest in a property and subsequently boosts a landlord’s chances of finding a reliable tenant.Making smart investments during the design process will lead to less expense in the future and Kings Lettings want to explain how.Choose neutral decorTenants viewing your property will be able to easily picture the Tags: Landlords, Rent Your Home, Rent My Home, Property Management,

Guide: Right to Rent

By published on 12/04/2022  

The property market can seem like a minefield for first-time landlords to navigate, but one of the primary legal issues to consider when preparing your first property for occupancy is whether your tenants have Right to Rent.That’s why King’s Lettings have outlined everything you need to know about whether your tenants have the right to rent a property, land or business in the UK.What i Tags: Right To Rent, Letting Agents, Landlords, Property Management,
At Kings Lettings we are proud to announce that we have been awarded ‘Gold’ by the British Property Awards!We are delighted that our commitment to delivering personal and comprehensive service has been recognised by not only our customers, but also The British Property Lettings Awards, who, as previous lettings agents themselves, understand the industry we work in and share our values Tags: Award Winning Letting Agents, Property Management, Property Management Company,

Tenancy abandonment: What are your landlord rights?

By published on 12/01/2022  

Tenancy abandonment is when a tenant leaves a property before the end of tenancy, without letting the landlord know. Despite the tenant vacating the property, they are still the legal occupant so therefore still liable for rental payments. Here at Kings Lettings we’ve put together a guide exploring tenants rights while outlining the procedures you must take, should you find yourself in this Tags: Tenancy, Abandonment, Landlords, Property Management, Rent My Home, Renting My Home,

First Time Landlords Guide

By published on 25/11/2021  

Are you considering becoming a landlord?Investing in property can be a fantastic way to make the most of the money you have to invest. Renting out a property can provide an ongoing income and provide you with a flexible lifestyle which can be very rewarding. Just like managing your own business, you get to make the decisions on costs, contracts, terms and ultimately have control over who lives in Tags: Landlords, Letting Agents, Property Management, Renting Out Property, Renting My Home, Rent My Home,
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