Statistics have shown that demand for energy efficient properties has skyrocketed in the past decade, and with living costs on the rise, this is only set to increase.Having an energy efficient property can increase rental value, lead to cheaper running costs and reduce tenant turnover which leads to stable, long-term rental income. Kings Lettings want to show you how.The Minimum Energy Efficiency Tags: Rental Property, Enery Efficiency, Property Management, Rent Your Home, Rent Your Home, Letting Agents,

What is Landlord Insurance?

By published on 08/06/2022  

When making the decision to become a landlord, landlord insurance should be one of the very first things you consider to ensure your investment is protected.Kings Lettings want to make sure you’re fully conscious of what landlord insurance is, whether you need it and what it covers. That’s why we’ve answered all of your questions about how to legally protect your rental income.Wh Tags: Landlord Insurance, Landlords, Property Management, Rent My Home, Rent My House, Letting Agents,