So you have acquired your first (or an additional) rental property, and you are now ready to place it on the rental market with a view to finding suitable tenants. The way your house ‘views’ is crucial to limiting void periods (periods of non-occupancy where you are generating no income from your investment property), and remember…It all starts before you even enter the property
How to find the right rental property for you –Preparation is key! If you are looking for a property to rent – roll up your sleeves and do some homework before you settle for a place. House hunting is an adventure if you are well prepared. Writing down a list of requirements and make sure that you communicate these requirements to agents/Landlords that you contact (a good agent will ta
There are clear and distinct differences between ‘tenants’ and ‘lodgers’ and it is vitally important to be aware of these, especially if you’re a landlord, because the status of your occupier (tenant or lodger) will determine the rights that you have as Landlord.A ‘tenant’ rents an entire property for the period of the tenancy. They effectively have simila
Renting a home can be a stressful and time-consuming task that we all end up doing at some point in our lives. One of the first places a prospective tenant will look to rent a property is on a property ‘portal’ (,, [to name but a few]) but (and as ‘old fashioned’ as this may seem), you should always contact a local, reputable agen
Assuming a landlord goes for a fixed term tenancy, the vast majority of Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST’s ) are for periods of between 6 (the minimum legal length of an AST) and 24 months. We would always recommend 12 months (with a 6 month ‘break clause’- A break clause allows the tenant or landlord to serve notice to end the tenancy during month 4 [assuming that the notice perio
Whether you are a Landlord of a single property, or large residential portfolio; The type of tenant/s that you 'let' your property to is of fundamental importance to ensuring that you see the best possible return on your investment. In this way, we have put together a few 'tips' to ensure that you minimise the risks associated when deciding upon your next tenants.-Meeting...If you
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