Landlords Guide: How to Decorate Your Home to Rent

published on 12/04/2022  

A home that looks attractive and accommodates prospective tenants leads to greater interest in a property and subsequently boosts a landlord’s chances of finding a reliable tenant.

Making smart investments during the design process will lead to less expense in the future and Kings Lettings want to explain how.

Choose neutral decor

Tenants viewing your property will be able to easily picture themselves and their furniture comfortably against a neutral design. Bold colours and prints won’t be to everyone’s tastes so keep the style simple and clean.

When choosing your paint, it is better to use high durability satin or silk finish paints that contain latex or acrylic, and gloss any joinery. These are much easier to clean than matte finish alternatives.

Find the right flooring

Laminate flooring is probably the most cost-effective method of decorating downstairs in a rental property because it isn’t as expensive as hardwood and doesn’t need to be replaced regularly like carpet. Laminate flooring is also durable, fits with neutral decor, and easy to clean.

Your tenants will want to feel comfortable upstairs which is why carpet is the better fit for bedrooms. Select your colour wisely; light and dark colours will show stains, whereas a mid tone like a dark beige will hide them and be easier for your tenants to clean.

Remember that although it might be tempting to buy a less expensive carpet, it will need to be replaced every two years so it might be worth investing in a more expensive option to keep costs down in the long run.

Be smart about bathrooms

Bathrooms are better off with a tile or lino flooring as these are easiest to clean.

When making decorating decisions about bathrooms, consider sturdy facilities as leaks and damaged pipes will be expensive to fix and could lead to long-term property damage.

For example, opting to have a showerhead over the bath will save space but also prevent leaks caused by shower trays. If you are able, choose to have two bathrooms in your rental property so that your tenants are still able to use the bathroom if there is an emergency.

Provide white goods

Provide white goods such as a fridge, washing machine and dishwasher if applicable. These appliances are expensive to buy therefore renters will be more likely to let a property if they’re included. Avoid integrated styles because these will be messy and expensive to replace.

Select furniture wisely

Should you decide to furnish, furniture ought to be of good quality and you may need to replace it regularly due to wear and tear. Furnished properties are more appropriate for student accommodation and businesspeople so if you are selling furnished, you would be best targeting your advertising at these groups.

Stick to the basics and ensure your furniture adheres to fire safety regulations.

Invest in lighting

Invest in light fixtures as this can completely change the feel of the space. Wall lights brighten up shaded corners and add a touch of character without interrupting neutral design features. Tenants might wish to change decoration such as lampshades, but attractive lights that brighten up the property will attract more renters.

Keep your tenant in mind

Always keep your tenants at the forefront of your mind and allow their needs to inform your design decisions. For example, if you’re allowing pets in your rental property, you will need to think differently about flooring choices.

It is also important to remember that your tenants will want the property to feel like a home, so personal touches like placing pegs and nails in the walls for photos and paintings can make a tenant more likely to consider your property and feel comfortable there.

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