How to Boost Kerb Appeal

published on 10/05/2022  

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property’s exterior and can be vital in securing a tenant. First impressions count, and basic signs of property neglect like cracked windows, missing roof tiles and an unkempt front garden can put a prospective tenant off trusting you as their landlord.

Kings Lettings wants to show you how easy adding curb appeal can be by compiling a list of some of the best tips and tricks to make your property stand out.

Update the front door

As the entryway to a property, the front door of a house welcomes people in. A dated looking door can immediately make a property look and feel less inviting so it is important to give it an update between tenants.

For wooden doors, start by checking that the wood is in good condition and shows no evidence of rot or decay, otherwise it may need to be fully replaced.

If the door only needs freshening, you should:

  • Fill in cracks around the frame using sealant or caulk
  • Give it a fresh coat of weatherproof paint to add new life and character to the property
  • Polish metalwork features to remove rust and add shine
UPVC doors will require less maintenance, but should be given a wash, cleaned and checked for signs of mould, moss and damp.

Clean the windows

Windows are one of the most important insulating features of a property, and therefore flaky windows that let in drafts can put a tenant off letting a property.

Always check for rotting, cracked or damp wood before touching up wooden windows in case they need to be replaced fully.

To touch up windows, try freshening up the frames by adding a new lick of colour. Window frames that match the colour of your door can create a uniform and inviting look. Don’t forget to fill in any gaps using caulk to exclude drafts from the property and give them a thorough wash.

Revamp the roof

Neglected roofs that are missing slats and tiles can deter potential tenants because damaged roofs are susceptible to leaks and other forms of damage. Fixing small issues with your roof makes your property look more attractive to potential tenants, and shows that you care about their safety.

Empty the gutters

Are the gutters of your rental property growing moss or piled up with leaves? Getting them cleaned can cost as little as £100; an investment that will easily be earned back from a single month’s rent.

This will not only improve the overall charm of your property but cleaning the gutters before a tenant moves in will reduce the risk of blockages later in their tenancy.

Tidy the front garden

A well kept exterior gives the impression of a well kept interior, so it’s vital to nurture a property’s front garden.

Start by neatening up the bushes and flowers by giving them a thorough trim and removing weeds and overgrown greenery. Sweep any patios, pathways or driveways and remove excess dirt using a power hose.

Touch up any fences and walls

A fence defines the border of a property, and a well kept border is said to vastly increase a property’s desirability and value. This can be achieved with a simple repair and repaint of rusty gates, damaged fences and unkept brick walls; never underestimate the power of fresh paint on an exterior property feature.

This relatively cheap update can brighten up your chances of finding a suitable tenant.

Hide the bins

This may seem like an obvious one but smelly bins sitting on the driveway of a property can swiftly put a potential tenant off living in your property.

We recommend finding a way to sneak them into the back garden or around the side of the property where they can be positioned for viewings. Anywhere not visible from the kerb will do.

Make your property accessible

Depending on the position and location of your property it can be difficult to make it accessible, but doing so can have a great impact on its interest.

If you’re able, ensure pathways, front doors and driveways are accessible and safe for children, wheelchair users and mobility scooters.

Kings Lettings have over 50 years experience making properties stand out. Contact us today for further advice on how to make your property more appealing to tenants, or visit our blog: how to prepare your property to let.

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