Give your rental property some real kerb appeal!...Kings offers its guidance on the best ways to present your rental property for the speediest 'let'...=

published on 31/08/2016  

So you have acquired your first (or an additional) rental property, and you are now ready to place it on the rental market with a view to finding suitable tenants. The way your house ‘views’ is crucial to limiting void periods (periods of non-occupancy where you are generating no income from your investment property), and remember…It all starts before you even enter the property…

1)The front door:
Is the focal point of the property, so make it stand out! There are some simple tips which can really add ‘kerb appeal’ to your rental property, and they needn’t cost the earth. Make sure that the door handle, locks, door knocker, bell and letter box are all working properly and clean. In addition, you should consider some attractive earns or potted shrubs placed either side of the front door, this will the property a ‘grander’ feel as well as making the property more welcoming to prospective tenants.

2)Replace old/tired fixtures and fittings:
All properties have them… the mismatched light switches, lampshades that don’t sit properly and loose door handles. These may seem like minor items, but ensuring that everything is clean and ‘solid’ looking/feeling, then your property will be much more attractive to prospective tenants.

3) When repainting the interior, go for magnolia:
Whilst magnolia/off-white paint may seem uninspired, it does give a property the ability to be a ‘blank canvas’- which is a good thing! Tastes differ, and whilst you may be enamoured with a leopard print wallpaper…your next tenants may not. By making a property as clean and simple as you can, you are opening up your property to a considerably wider audience who will be able to add their own finishing touches (subject to your approval).

4)De-clutter and create symmetry:
If you are marketing your property on a ‘furnished’ basis, it is imperative that the furnishings are minimal and of a fairly widely accepted style (by this we mean, simple, contemporary and ‘clean’). As per our tip about uninspired colours on the walls, the same should be said for any furnishings that you are offering with your rental property. It is easy to ‘dress up’ a property, but not so easy to ‘dress down’ a property!

5)The garden:
Always have the garden in a ‘viewable’ condition. This means simply keeping the grass cut and the shrubs/hedges trimmed. In addition, you should remove/replace any broken/damaged cement work, and tidy up flower beds. A garden (for those properties which have them) is one of the key points of attraction for a property, and having it clean and well-kept will pay dividends.