Kings offers its insights into the top BTL investment 'hotspots' in London...

published on 07/11/2016  

WEST LONDON (Part 2 of 4)

The rental yield figure fluctuates with the market as interest rates can go up as well as down. Just like any investment, there is risk involved so it is important to research the market. Even if you`ve chosen the most popular area to purchase your Buy-to-Let property there may be periods where your property is empty (known as a ‘void’ period). Make sure you have an investment strategy and a contingency plan for any outgoings. *(The percentage figures below represent projected gross yield as an average across each area cited. The percentage figure refers to the gross annual return on investment)

*1/ Feltham – 5.3
2/ Hayes – 5.7
3/ Harlington – 5.2
4/ Hounslow – 5.3
5/ West Drayton – 4.8

Don`t forget to research the areas in demand and to consider their potential. Future infrastructure projects like the Crossrail for example (the largest infrastructure scheme to be undertaken in the UK in the past twenty years), which is due to completion in 2018. The forty Crossrail stations will link Shenfield in Essex to Abbey Wood in south east London and Maidenhead in Berkshire. It`s expected to create around thirty thousand jobs and bring one and a half million people within a sixty-minute commute of the city. Links between Heathrow, the West End, the City and Docklands would positively influence the rental property demand in the West.

Stay tuned for part 3!