5 ways to make your rental property more energy efficient

published on 08/06/2022  

Statistics have shown that demand for energy efficient properties has skyrocketed in the past decade, and with living costs on the rise, this is only set to increase.

Having an energy efficient property can increase rental value, lead to cheaper running costs and reduce tenant turnover which leads to stable, long-term rental income. Kings Lettings want to show you how.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) apply to all domestic private rental properties set and enforced by the government. It states that these properties must adhere to a minimum energy efficiency level whereby it is unlawful for landlords to let a private property with an EPC of F or G.

These requirements are due to be changed in the coming years, bringing the minimum required rating up.

How to comply with The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards:

1/ Install effective insulation

Ensuring your rental property is properly insulated is one of the most important steps to ensuring your rental property is energy efficient. Insulation doesn’t just keep a property warm in winter, it can also ensure it stays cool in the summer months.

There are four main types of home insulation:

  1. Loft and roof insulation
Approximately ¼ of all the heat in a home is lost through the roof if it isn’t currently insulated. This can be rectified easily by insulating the loft, attic or roof.

  1. Cavity wall insulation
Most modern homes are made using two walls with a cavity between the two. Adding insulation to this gap keeps a house nice and warm in the winter, keeping energy use and costs low.

  1. Solid wall insulation
Solid walls are common in older properties, especially Victorian houses and these can be difficult to insulate which can put prospective tenants off renting them. However, this can be fixed by fitting solid insulation boards to internal walls and covering them with a layer of cladding.

  1. Floor insulation
Floor insulation is fitting beneath floorboards and carpets and can prevent up to 15% of heat loss in the winter.

2/ Choose a modern boiler

An efficient boiler is determined by how much of its energy is used to heat the home, and how much of it goes towards running the boiler itself. If the boiler in your rental property is over 15 years old, then its efficiency rating is likely to be low.

It is recommended that you replace your boiler every 15 years to guarantee maximum energy efficiency for your property.

3/ Opt for smart heating

Smart thermostats allow your tenants to control when their heating is turned on and off, some allowing it to be controlled from their phone.

Installing a smart thermostat is an amazing solution for improving energy efficiency and keeping heating costs low. These clever devices are low cost and make it easier for your tenants to track your energy usage.

4/ Double glaze the windows

Installing double and triple glazed windows can reduce heat loss in a property by over 50%. The cavity between glass absorbs heat and prevents it from exiting the house.

When the windows are installed, ensure they are properly caulked and the fittings are draft proof for maximum effect. This, combined with effective insulation, will keep heating costs to a minimum.

5/ Upgrade to an electric boiler

Modern electric boilers turn almost 100% of the electricity used into heat whereas even the best gas boilers require a percentage of their energy to use as their own fuel.

Despite the expense of electricity being greater than gas, modern electric boilers are more energy efficient to run than gas or oil powered boilers and are optimised to be even more efficient than electric heaters at warming the home.

Kings Lettings have over 50 years experience making properties stand out to prospective tenants. Contact us today for further advice on how to make your property more efficient, or visit our blog: how to prepare your property to let.

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