The Renters Reform Bill & What It Means For You

By Kings Lettings published on 16/08/2022  

The Renters Reform Bill was announced on 16th of June and it promises a generational change that will create a farer, safer position between Landlords and an estimated 4.4 million private rented Tenants. The Government announced the Renters Reform Bill in the Queen’s Speech December 2019 and aims to turn the bill into law by 2022. Now that we are deep into 2022 itself - let’s explore w Tags: Renters Reform Bill, Letting Agents, Property Management

Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance

By published on 08/08/2022  

Whether you’re new to the property investment game or a well seasoned landlord looking to scale up your business, you need to protect your income.Even the most reliable tenants can fall into unexpected circumstances that prevent them from being able to afford their rent, which is why rent protection and legal expenses insurance should be at the forefront of your mind when preparing a propert Tags: Rent Protection, Legal Expenses Insurance, Letting Agents, Property Management,
The cost of living is sharply on the rise and the impact of inflation is already causing significant budgetary strain for tenants and landlords alike. As a landlord, you may be wondering how you can look out for your tenant’s wellbeing through this uncertain period in time.Kings Lettings have collated a list of things you can do to prevent occupants of your rental properties from falling int Tags: Landlords, Cost Of Living, Property Management,

Landlord tax on property investment explained

By published on 17/07/2022  

Tax surrounding property ownership can seem complicated if you are a first time landlord, but it is important to understand which tax bracket you sit in, how much of your rental income is taxable, and which costs are considered as ‘allowable expenses’.As experienced lettings agents, Kings Lettings want to make being a landlord as simple as possible which is why we’ve explained th Tags: Landlords, Tax On Property Investment, Letting Agents, Property Management,

Safety Regulations for Landlords

By published on 10/07/2022  

If you rent out a property, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your tenants are safe in their home. Fire damage, gas leaks and burglaries can cause irreparable damage but compliance with safety regulations can easily prevent this.That’s why Kings Lettings have created this guide for landlords that tells you exactly how to protect your tenants while they occupy your rental property.Fir Tags: Letting Agents, Landlords, Property Management, Safety Regulations,
Statistics have shown that demand for energy efficient properties has skyrocketed in the past decade, and with living costs on the rise, this is only set to increase.Having an energy efficient property can increase rental value, lead to cheaper running costs and reduce tenant turnover which leads to stable, long-term rental income. Kings Lettings want to show you how.The Minimum Energy Efficiency Tags: Rental Property, Enery Efficiency, Property Management, Rent Your Home, Rent Your Home, Letting Agents,

What is Landlord Insurance?

By published on 08/06/2022  

When making the decision to become a landlord, landlord insurance should be one of the very first things you consider to ensure your investment is protected.Kings Lettings want to make sure you’re fully conscious of what landlord insurance is, whether you need it and what it covers. That’s why we’ve answered all of your questions about how to legally protect your rental income.Wh Tags: Landlord Insurance, Landlords, Property Management, Rent My Home, Rent My House, Letting Agents,

How to Boost Kerb Appeal

By published on 10/05/2022  

Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property’s exterior and can be vital in securing a tenant. First impressions count, and basic signs of property neglect like cracked windows, missing roof tiles and an unkempt front garden can put a prospective tenant off trusting you as their landlord.Kings Lettings wants to show you how easy adding curb appeal can be by compiling a list of some Tags: Letting Your Home, Letting Your House, Letting Your Property, Property Management,

What is Client Money Protection (CMP)?

By published on 10/05/2022  

Client Money Protection has been a legal requirement for lettings agencies since 2019. Previously, it had merely been a recommendation.Here at Kings Lettings, we have created an article that explains what Client Money Protection is, how it protects the assets of landlords and tenants, and how you can ensure your money is fully protected.What is Client Money Protection?Lettings Agents in England wh Tags: Landlords, Client Money Protection, Property Management, Property Management Company,

Guide: Right to Rent

By published on 12/04/2022  

The property market can seem like a minefield for first-time landlords to navigate, but one of the primary legal issues to consider when preparing your first property for occupancy is whether your tenants have Right to Rent.That’s why King’s Lettings have outlined everything you need to know about whether your tenants have the right to rent a property, land or business in the UK.What i Tags: Right To Rent, Letting Agents, Landlords, Property Management,

Landlords Guide: How to Decorate Your Home to Rent

By published on 12/04/2022  

A home that looks attractive and accommodates prospective tenants leads to greater interest in a property and subsequently boosts a landlord’s chances of finding a reliable tenant.Making smart investments during the design process will lead to less expense in the future and Kings Lettings want to explain how.Choose neutral decorTenants viewing your property will be able to easily picture the Tags: Landlords, Rent Your Home, Rent My Home, Property Management,

Renting in London: A Guide

By published on 22/03/2022  

Tenant demand in London has grown dramatically since 2021, with more people than ever seeking the benefits of capital city life.Now is the time to move to London and secure front-row access to its ever adapting array of social events, quintessential high-streets and array of life-changing jobs that draw people from across the globe.With over 50 years experience in the market, Kings Lettings want t Tags: Letting Agents, Lettings, Renting A Home, Renting A House, London,

How to Find Pet-Friendly Rental Homes

By published on 18/02/2022  

England is an animal loving nation and it is estimated that over 12 million households in the UK have pets. The property market is becoming ever more expensive and pushing an increasing number of people to consider renting rather than buying, so the demand for rental properties that accommodate pets is firmly on the rise.In response to this, it is noted that the number of landlords accepting respo Tags: Pet Friendly Rental Homes, Letting Agents, Property To Rent, Houses To Rent, Homes To Rent,
At Kings Lettings we are proud to announce that we have been awarded ‘Gold’ by the British Property Awards!We are delighted that our commitment to delivering personal and comprehensive service has been recognised by not only our customers, but also The British Property Lettings Awards, who, as previous lettings agents themselves, understand the industry we work in and share our values Tags: Award Winning Letting Agents, Property Management, Property Management Company,
Before you decide to let your property, you need to prepare your home. First impressions count and it’s vital you make the best one during prospective tenant viewings. Here at Kings Lettings, we’re an award-winning Lettings Agents with over 50 years experience, so we've put together a simple guide exploring the best hints and tips to gain the most interest when renting out your hom Tags: Rental Property, Property Rental, Letting Agents, Property To Rent, Rent Your Property,

Tenancy abandonment: What are your landlord rights?

By published on 12/01/2022  

Tenancy abandonment is when a tenant leaves a property before the end of tenancy, without letting the landlord know. Despite the tenant vacating the property, they are still the legal occupant so therefore still liable for rental payments. Here at Kings Lettings we’ve put together a guide exploring tenants rights while outlining the procedures you must take, should you find yourself in this Tags: Tenancy, Abandonment, Landlords, Property Management, Rent My Home, Renting My Home,
Whether you’re new to dealing with tenants, or simply need some advice, here at Kings Lettings we’ve put together a simple guide to help you settle tenants to their new home. We will explore the obligations and rights both you and your tenants have, as well offer tips you need to consider when starting a new tenancy agreement.Tenants rightsAs a tenant, they have the right to:Live in a Tags: Landlords, Tenants, New Home, New House, Rent My Home, Renting My Home, Reading, Staines, Windsor, Maidenhead
What is HMO?A HMO is a building, property or flat which is occupied by three or more persons, living as a household, where rent is paid.The most common type of HMO is when three or more unrelated personnel occupy a house, each pay for their own bedroom but share a communal kitchen and bathroom/s.Your property would be classed as HMO if both of the following apply:At least 3 tenants live in your pr Tags: Landlords, Hmo, Letting Agents, Renting Out Property, Renting My Home, Rent My Home, Property To Rent,

First Time Landlords Guide

By published on 25/11/2021  

Are you considering becoming a landlord?Investing in property can be a fantastic way to make the most of the money you have to invest. Renting out a property can provide an ongoing income and provide you with a flexible lifestyle which can be very rewarding. Just like managing your own business, you get to make the decisions on costs, contracts, terms and ultimately have control over who lives in Tags: Landlords, Letting Agents, Property Management, Renting Out Property, Renting My Home, Rent My Home,

What tenants look for when renting a property

By published on 14/11/2021  

When you’re a landlord it’s important to understand just what tenants want, especially when there are so many renters struggling to find a property that properly meets their wants and needs. Here at Kings Lettings we will cover the top features tenants want from their rental, discover what landlords should be prioritising when purchasing a buy-to-let, as well as exploring what landlord Tags: Letting Agents, Tenants, Rent My Home, Renting My Home, Reading, Staines, Windsor, Maidenhead,
Coming soon...Register your interest in one of the most exciting, luxurious and exclusive developments designed for the discerning, uncompromising student. Currently taking registrations for September 2018...… Kings Lettings is proud to present a stunning development, consisting of 500 beautifully Tags: ROYAL-HOLLOWAY-UNIVERSITY-LUXURY-ACCOMODATION

Kings' ''Helping the Homeless'' scheme- Windsor

By published on 20/12/2017  

And now for our Windsor team... Kings Lettings ''Helping the Homeless'' scheme has become something of a tradition over the years... During the weeks running up to Christmas, each of Kings' five offices spend the day out in their local areas, talking to and engaging with those who are sometimes overlooked. Having collected clothing from team members and their families, our Wind Tags: LETTING-AGENT-HELPS-HOMELESS-WINDSOR

Kings' ''Helping the Homeless'' scheme

By published on 14/12/2017  

Kings Lettings ''Helping the Homeless'' scheme has become something of a tradition over the years... During the weeks running up to Christmas, each of Kings' five offices spend the day out in their local areas,talking to and engaging with those who are sometimes overlooked. Having collected clothing from team members and their families, our Reading team spent the day handing ou Tags: LETTING-AGENT-HELPS-HOMELESS-READING
On 25th November 2017, our Reading team held their Christmas 'open-morning'. It was attended by many of our Landlord clients, who popped over for a light breakfast, and a glass (or two!) of bubbly. Thank you to everyone who attended, and particularly our Reading team for being fantastic hosts- yet again proving why our Rental and Lettings services are award-winning.A wonderful morning was Tags: Lettings-Agent-Open-Morning-Reading
Progress with the first advertising campaign to highlight the importance of using an agent offering Propertymark Protection has moved on considerably this week. Members from across the Kings Lettings organisation have taken part in filming for the TV advert today which will be at the centre of a multi-platform campaign to be launched in September, although all of those involved have been sworn to Tags: ARLA-PROPERTYMARK-REGISTERED-AGENT
WEST LONDON (Part 2 of 4)The rental yield figure fluctuates with the market as interest rates can go up as well as down. Just like any investment, there is risk involved so it is important to research the market. Even if you`ve chosen the most popular area to purchase your Buy-to-Let property there may be periods where your property is empty (known as a ‘void’ period). Make sure you ha
Immerse yourself into virtual reality with our innovative and exciting property viewing platform...Kings Lettings is harnessing the latest technologies to enhance the services that we offer to our clients and at the same time moving the property industry forward. Using state-of-the-art technology to save you time and allow you to view all the properties you want in the comfort of our own office!To
Londons current top hotspots in East London for buy-to-let investors… Location, location, location! (Part 1 of 4)Like any investment, Buy-to-Let comes with no guarantees, but for those who have more faith in bricks and mortar than stocks and shares, we have gathered some of the emerging hotspots for investment in the capital.Of course, there are certain boroughs that consistently perform su
Once you have found your perfect rental property, it's time to start the application process…Most likely you will be expected to put down some form of advanced payment (a ‘Preliminary Payment’) in order to confirm your ‘offer’ and state your intention to rent the property (subject to contracts and referencing). It is important to know that should you fail your re Tags: Renting Out Property, Rent My Home, Renting My Home, Reading, Staines, Maidenhead, Windsor,
So you have acquired your first (or an additional) rental property, and you are now ready to place it on the rental market with a view to finding suitable tenants. The way your house ‘views’ is crucial to limiting void periods (periods of non-occupancy where you are generating no income from your investment property), and remember…It all starts before you even enter the property
How to find the right rental property for you –Preparation is key! If you are looking for a property to rent – roll up your sleeves and do some homework before you settle for a place. House hunting is an adventure if you are well prepared. Writing down a list of requirements and make sure that you communicate these requirements to agents/Landlords that you contact (a good agent will ta
There are clear and distinct differences between ‘tenants’ and ‘lodgers’ and it is vitally important to be aware of these, especially if you’re a landlord, because the status of your occupier (tenant or lodger) will determine the rights that you have as Landlord.A ‘tenant’ rents an entire property for the period of the tenancy. They effectively have simila
Renting a home can be a stressful and time-consuming task that we all end up doing at some point in our lives. One of the first places a prospective tenant will look to rent a property is on a property ‘portal’ (,, [to name but a few]) but (and as ‘old fashioned’ as this may seem), you should always contact a local, reputable agen
Assuming a landlord goes for a fixed term tenancy, the vast majority of Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST’s ) are for periods of between 6 (the minimum legal length of an AST) and 24 months. We would always recommend 12 months (with a 6 month ‘break clause’- A break clause allows the tenant or landlord to serve notice to end the tenancy during month 4 [assuming that the notice perio
Whether you are a Landlord of a single property, or large residential portfolio; The type of tenant/s that you 'let' your property to is of fundamental importance to ensuring that you see the best possible return on your investment. In this way, we have put together a few 'tips' to ensure that you minimise the risks associated when deciding upon your next tenants.-Meeting...If you
1) Calculate your total property costsAdd up the property purchase price, SDLT (if applicable), renovation costs,legal fees, and any other property fees you may have relating to the purchase/preparation of the property in readiness to 'let'.2) Calculate the gross rental yieldThorough research of rental values (for comparable properties) in the area that you have, or intend to purchase, is
On the 23rd of June 2016, the great British people voted to leave the EU in one of the most historic political decisions of the last 70 years, but... how will 'Brexit' affect the UK's residential property market?The simple truth is, no one knows the real long-term effects of the UK's decision to leave the EU. However, through the 'fog' of shock and hysteria following the re
London's new 'Elizabeth Line' will transform travel across the city, boosting the economy by billions of pounds and supporting thousands of new jobs across and homes. The line is currently being constructed by Crossrail and is due to be completed in late 2019.Buy-to-Let investors will be very interested in some of the locations benefitting from the rise in property prices along the rou
Kings Lettings is proud to announce that it has won the silver trophy for the Southern regions ''Best Lettings Agency as Voted for by Landlords'' at the prestigious ESTAS Awards 2016.We are incredibly proud of all of our team members for all of their hard work and commitment, and a special thank you to all of our clients who voted for us this year.

Kings is shortlisted for a 2016 ESTAS Award!

By published on 07/04/2016  

The whole team at Kings Lettings is incredibly proud that their hard work and commitment to its clients has been recognised by the nationally recognised ESTAS Award scheme. The Kings 'contingent' will be at the Annual ESTAS Award ceremony in Central London on the 15th of April 2016- Where we hope to come away with the coveted 'Gold' Award.
Kings Lettings and Sales' Director contributed to this latest article in The Property News. He discusses how being an independent, family run Estate Agency is key to Kings' success and is fundamental to its day-to-day operations. Promoting honesty and integrity with both its staff and its clients, sets Kings apart from its competitors.
The new law means that from the 1st of February landlords with property in England will have to carry out checks on tenants to ensure that they have the right to rent property. Kings has been operating its new tenancy application policy since the beginning of January 2016. So for our clients, it will be smooth sailing
This festive season, Kings Lettings Reading team have been volunteering their time for a cause close to our hearts; helping the homeless.The team purchased supplies including blankets, sandwiches, snacks, water (and even dog biscuits- For the pooches!) to help the homeless in Reading get through this Winter season. The team spent two afternoons in Reading donating these items to members of the hom
The whole team at Kings (Reading Branch) would like to thank Launchpad Reading for a lovely evening at the 'Carols By Candlelight' event on Thursday 10th of December at Reading Minster, St Mary's Butts, singing carols to fundraise for the homeless and disadvantaged in Reading.
Theannouncement is still subject to consultation. The consultation isdue to take place over the coming weeks and should provide greater claritybefore the end of 2015.There are a number of potential impacts that this legislation is likely to have on the property market:-Reduced competition between first-time buyers and investors for many properties, at the same time dis-incentivising some second ho

''Buy-To-Let tax is unfair and unworkable''

By Landlord Zone published on 28/10/2015  

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has slammed the chancellors new buy-to-let tax as ''unreasonable and unworkable'' and has warned of the negative outcomes of the tax which they say will drive landlords out of business and cause harm to first time buyers.

Important Update- Right To Rent Checks

By published on 27/10/2015  

A Government press release from James Brokenshire MP at The Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration, confirms that Right to Rent Immigration Checks will be mandatory for all lettings in England from the 1st of February 2016.

Now Open- Kings Lettings and Sales Hammersmith

By published on 20/07/2015  

Kings is now expanding its reach into West and Central London. We now offer clients in the heart of the capital, the highest levels of customer service and commitment. Combining our expertise and unrivalled market knowledge to offer Sellers, buyers, Landlords and tenants in Central London a fresh approach to handling their individual property requirements.

Rental values rising across the UK

By published on 15/06/2015  

Currently being talked about a lot is the rising prices of property in the UK. Here's an article talking about the likely 5% increase.

Welcome to Kings' New website

By published on 09/06/2015  

As a part of Kings expansion, we are re-branding. Get in touch and tell us what you think!

Kings are now moving into West London

By published on 01/06/2015  

See how the new branch has progressed over the past eight weeks
On Friday 12th May 2017, representatives from Kings Lettings six offices attended the 2017 ESTAS Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane. The glamorous event was hosted by TV's Phil Spencer, who did a superb job in his role as Master of Ceremonies.Following last years' successes at the 2016 Awards, The team was incredibly proud to be awarded not only a ''Top 3 Agent Tags: Award-Winning-Letting-Agent
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